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The original musical was written by award-winning composer/lyricist Bobby Cronin and is about pre-teen Magnolia Donovan who "sees things", much to the dismay of her father Leo. Along with her Nana, Magnolia and Leo head to an old inn in Vermont for a getaway. There they encounter two families who have been chosen by world renowned psychic-medium Skylar Quinn to get specialized on-site training. After Nana convinces Skylar to let Magnolia join, the psychic kids develop their skills while helping a separated ghost family lost in the afterlife. To face her demons, Magnolia must believe in herself to exorcise the Shadow Man and save the ghost family.

the film
The facts
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How it was filmed

Filmed during Covid-19 Lockdown

After Covid canceled three different productions of my work plus a London concert, I was thrilled to partner with The Prep and figure out how to turn my original musical PSYKIDZ into a film, but done digitally and remotely. I knew that the Prep talent would be top-notch as many of the students there have been on Broadway/tour or done extensive TV/film/voiceover work. I also knew that the students needed an outlet to perform, to be in a show as many of them had their school or professional shows canceled, too. So we have embarked on a brand new journey of musical theatre storytelling and the process has been so uplifting."

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